Thursday, June 11, 2009

key shortcut in Gmail

One thing in which I'm not good at operating desktop is to use a mouse. This little pointing device is very convenient for other folks who has no disability at their upper limbs; they just point what they want and click it. They don't need to remember command names and options using computer this way through GUI.

I know that it came from Object Oriented. A window or widget is an object, and clicking it means to invoke one of the methods the object has. This is basically how a GUI window application work. I played with Java AWT once upon a time.

But for me, who has Cerebral Palsy, pointing something by a mouse is not so easy. I can use it for games like chess or card games, but it takes longer. One solution for it is to use shortcut keys. Actually, most of window applications has shortcut keys. But now more applications are web based, and so their user interfaces are in browser.

So once I thought that key shortcuts can't be set up in a browser. But I was not right. I believe that it's related to Ajax. And I felt that I was lucky to find that Gmail has shortcut.

Here is the link to its help page, which is one of the page I have to visit often, To enabling this feature, you need to turn it on from your Gmail setting.

Now, let me try 'ctrl+P' to publish this page. :-)

mozilla firefox shortcuts from Stace.


  1. I use the keyboard shortcuts too. I use '#' (delete) a lot and wish they had a key for Junk.

    Within the browser I use use a bunch of short cuts too, see the list at


  2. Hey, Stace. How are you?

    Thanks for info!

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